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Project Description

Web Sticky Notes is a collaborative sticky-notes board with drag-and-drop between swim lanes. You can set up many projects, each with their own task-streams and tasks. People and priorities that you set up are shared among all projects.

WebStickyNotes: A simple web-based task board, organised into swim-lanes with drag-and-drop function to move sticky notes between swim-lanes. Includes an administration console for configuring swim-lanes, tasks, priorities and people.

WebStickyNotes.Contracts: Contains entities and interfaces for the application.

WebStickyNotes.Data.Access: Contains a library for persisting data in a simple MDB file, stored in the App_Data folder.

WebStickyNotes.Tests: Test project for the application.

This application is currently under development. Please feel free to suggest features or issues.

Here is a screen shot of the mobile site, which is part of the Web Sticky Notes application:

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