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Web Sticky Notes

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System Requirements

Server: .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 or above. IIS 7.
Client: Any web browser with HTML 5 and CSS 3 support (Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 3, Chrome, Safari et al) - the application works in other browsers, but doesn't look quite as good.


The default user and password when you first install Web Sticky Notes is:

User Name:
Password: demo


There are two types of user. A "Global" user, who can do everything, and a "Own Tasks" user who can move and edit their own tasks only.

You can also restrict the projects that a user can view and edit.

Sticky Notes Board

Each project you add will have its own Sticky Notes Board to view.

Within each project, each stream will be represented on the Sticky Notes Board with a vertical swim-lane that contains a number of tasks.

Within each stream, each task is represented by a sticky note.

From the Sticky Notes Board you can drag and drop tasks between streams, click on the progress bar on a task to update the percentage complete or double-click on the task to edit the task details.

Creating Your First Project

Here is a quick guide to getting started with Web Sticky Notes. The great thing about this application is that it's quite intuitive and you can play about with a high degree of safety as you can always move stuff about!

1) Log in to your Web Sticky Notes application, you will need to be a "Global" user if you want to add a project.

2) Select the "Add Project" link and give the project a title, such as "My Important Project". You can specify an order if you wish, this comes into play when you have multiple projects and want them to appear in a specific order on the page.

3) Select the "Add Stream" link and put in a title for the stream. This will appear as a swim-lane on the Sticky Notes Board, so typical titles are "Backlog", "In Progress" and "Complete". Select the correct project from the drop down list and put a value in the order field to ensure your streams appear in the order you want - the higher the number, the further to the right of the Sticky Notes Board it will appear. Tick the "Show Tasks" check box - this means that tasks in this stream will be displayed. You can create an "Archive" stream by leaving this unticked. Any tasks dropped into an Archive stream will be hidden from the view - so you can use Archive streams to tidy up old tasks rather than deleting them.

4) Select the "Add Task" link to starting adding sticky notes to your project! When you add a task, select a stream from the drop down list and the task will automatically be added to the correct project.


You can perform a wild-card search by inserting the '%' character into a search. For example:

"My Search" will find items that exactly match the term "My Search".

"%Search" will find items that end with the term "Search"

"My%" will find all items that begin with the term "My"

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